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Is my time in China measured from from my date of entry or the visa’s date of issue?

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The period in which you can stay in China begins from the date you enter China; the date printed on your visa is the final date at which you can enter the country (or re-enter it, if it’s a multiple-entry visa). If you don’t enter China before that date, the visa will expires and you will have to apply again to enter the country.

The maximum number of days that you can stay in the country should be printed on your visa, so for example if you were issued with a 90-day visa then you can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days. Keep an eye on how long you spend in the country and remain alert so you don’t forget and accidentally overstay your visa.


Useful Chinese words and phrases 

入境日期 rùjìng rìqī Date of entry
签发日期 qiānfā rìqī Date of issue
逾期停留 yúqī tíngliú Overstay
过期 guòqī Expire


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