Can I own a dog in Guangzhou?

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The city of Guangzhou allows both foreigners and Chinese to keep dogs, although there are restrictions on size and breed.

Guangzhou bans families in 10 key regions from raisng dogs of 71 cm in height (from front shoulder to ground) or taller (these are identified as ‘large’), or those of the following 36 breeds (identified as ‘violent’). These restructions also apply to some densely populated rural regions. Rural areas in the key regions and other districts and counties can follow or ignore the ban at the discretion of local government.

The ten key regions are the districts of Baiyun, Haizhu, Huadu, Huangpu, Liwan, Luogang, Nansha, Tianhe, Panyu and Yuexiu. Each family is allowed to raise only one dog.

Once you’re picked up your pup, don’t forget to register your new pal! For information on the status of dog ownership in other major Chinese cities, see this article.

The 36 banned dog breeds are as follows:

Afghan Hound

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Japanese Tosa


Chinese Chongqing Dog


Anatolian Shepherd

Chinese Rural Dog


Argentina Dogo 


Neopolitan Mastiff

Beauceron Wolfdog

Dogue de Bordeaux

Pit Bull Terrier

Belgian Malinois

Dutch Shepherd Dog

Pyrenean Mountain

Belgian Shepherd Dog

Fila Braziliero



Flanders Cattle Dog

Saarloos Wolfdog

Bull Mastiff

German Boxer

Staffordshire Terrier

Bull Terrier

German Shepherd Dog

Saint Bernard Dog

Cane Corso

Great Dane

Tibetan Mastiff

Caucasian Owtcharka

Irish Wolfhound



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