Can I own a dog in Shanghai?

Photo by Garrett 222

Owning a dog in Shanghai is not a problem, whether you are a foreigner or Chinese, so long as you don’t choose one of the banned breeds.

These 22 breeds of dogs, identified as ‘violent’, are banned in urban areas of Shanghai. Each family is only allowed to raise one dog, and dog owners must leash and muzzle their dogs when they are in a public space. 

Once you’re picked up your pup, don’t forget to register your new pal! For information on the status of dog ownership in other major Chinese cities, see this article.

The list of banned dogs are as following: 

All breeds of Mastiffs 

and their hybrids

All breeds of Wolfdogs 

and their hybrids

All breeds of Bulldogs 

and their hybrids

Argentinean Dogo Mastiff


American Bulldog

Brazilian Mastiff

German Shepherd Dog

Bull Terrier

Bull Mastiff

Kunming Wolfdog

English Bulldog

Caucasian Vcharka


German Doberman

Danish  Broholmer


Japanese Tosa

Dogue de Bordeaux


Old English Bulldog

Fila  Braziliero






Neopolitan Mastiff



Pyrenean Mastiff






Spanish Mastiff



Tibetan Mastiff




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