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Do I have to enter China from the country or region that I got my visa in?

The good news is that so long as you have the relevant visa in your passport (where applicable), you can attempt to enter the mainland, Hong Kong or Macao from any other country, regardless of where you applied for it.

However, getting a visa from a country that is not your own is not always an easy task, and unless you have a work or study visa in that third country (eg. if you are British but are studying in the US) then you’ll be safer applying from your country or origin. Rulings about who can get visas and how easily are not always consistent, and are prone to being restricted by the government on occasion; applying from your own country may make such problems less pronounced.


Useful Chinese words and phrases

入境 rùjìng Enter
第三国 dìsānguó A third country
保证 bǎozhèng Guarantee


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