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Download the One-Stop RSS feed!

Don’t miss a single One-Stop update with our RSS feed, which allows you to get them all delivered automatically to your computer, tablet or smartphone! If you already know what you’re doing with RSS then you can find our feed right here. Otherwise, read on!


What’s an RSS feed?

RSS, or “Rich Site Summary” (also known as “Really Simple Syndication”), is an easy way to get regular automated updates from the websites and news sources that you want. A feed is basically an automatically updated document that contains the most recent news, posts, media and other updates from a website; users who’ve plugged the feed into a special piece of software called an RSS aggregator then get automatic updates into their aggregator every time the site in question is updated.

So in the case of One-Stop, that means you’ll get the latest articles on how to live life to the fullest in China whenever they go online – and of course, if you want to get to the older articles, you can just come direct to our website.


What are some popular RSS aggregators? 

There are a number of different aggregators that are popular at the time of writing.

Feedly is one of them; it has a simple interface, is web-based so can be accessed from all over, has Android, iOS and Kindle apps and is supported by a number of websites. It’s free, although a “Pro” version is available for $5 per month.

NewsBlur is a more desktop-focused aggregator, though it also has Android and iOS apps. It’s free, though a premium version is available for $24 per year.

The Old Reader takes the once hugely popular (but now defunct) Google Reader as its inspiration, and has a similar minimalist interface. It’s free for the first 100 feeds, and then costs $3 per month. There’s a number of user-produced apps for various operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian and Linux.


How do I add One-Stop into my aggregator?

That depends on which aggregator you use, but with most, once it’s installed simply tapping on the RSS symbol () on the top-right of each One-Stop page or clicking this link to the XML data should set it up automatically. The direct URL of the feed is http://onestop.globaltimes.cn/feed/


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