How can I add cell phone credit with WeChat Wallet?

WeChat, the international version of Chinese smartphone app Weixin, lets users send text and voice messages to friends. And in addition to its basic messaging function, the app also has built-in features that can help users book a taxi, buy movie tickets and restaurant packages, top up their phones and much more.

If you want to top up your mobile phone using WeChat Wallet, first take some time to set up your wallet, then follow our step-by-step guide and never buy another top-up card again!


Step-by-step guide

1.Open WeChat.

2.Press the “Me” button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “Wallet” option.



3.You will see the main Wallet options screen, as in the picture below. Press “Mobile top up.”



4.You are now looking at the main mobile top up interface. Type in your mobile number, or select the number you want to top up using the contacts button. If you have added a phone number to your WeChat profile, it may appear in here automatically – though remember that if you have changed your phone number but not updated your WeChat account, your phone will input your old number here, so check it before continuing.

WeChat automatically defaults to a 100 yuan payment; you can alter this amount by tapping on this figure, towards the top of the screen. Choices are 30 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan and 500 yuan. Note that there will be a small discount on the top up amount: you pay slightly less, but still receive the amount you choose. For example, you will pay 99.8 yuan for a 100 yuan top up.


A: Type in your mobile number here

B: Select a mobile number from your contact book

C: Top up amount

D: “Top up now”


5.You will be asked to confirm the mobile number again, if you typed in a phone number rather than get it from your contact book. Check the number, and press the green button if it is correct.


A: “Please confirm the number XXX (not included in Contacts).”

B: “Cancel”

C: “Confirm”


6.Select the method you want to pay; you can choose between the card you added to your Wallet, your WeChat balance, or a new card.


A: “Select payment method”

B: “100 yuan mobile top up”

C: Card in WeChat wallet

D: WeChat balance

E: “Pay with a new card”


7.Type in your WeChat wallet password.


A: “Please type in your password”


8.The payment should be complete; you will shortly receive a message from your phone company confirming your top-up. If your payment has been declined, you should get a WeChat message (in Chinese) informing you of this and explaining why; most probably a mistyped phone number, or – as mentioned – the app automatically using an outdated phone number linked to your WeChat account.


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4 Responses to How can I add cell phone credit with WeChat Wallet?

  • I don’t have the wallet option. Latest version WeChat on iOS 8.. Chinese phone number linked, but app downloaded from Dutch App Store, could that be it?

    • Hi Lawrence. WeChat Wallet is not intended to be used by people outside of China, so it is possible that downloading from the Dutch iPhone store may have resulted in this. If you are currently in China you could try backing up all your information and downloading the app from the Chinese Apple Store. You could also try setting your iPhone to the Chinese language setting, as this has been known to unlock/make visible the Wallet function in some versions of the app. 

  • Not name we chat wallet in my we chat. How for see?

    • Hi Echi. We’re not sure we understand. Do you mean that you can’t see a Wallet button?

      What kind of phone do you use? And do you have the newest version of WeChat?

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