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How can I buy cinema tickets with WeChat Wallet?

Once you’ve set up your WeChat Wallet you can do much more with the social networking app than just send messages; you can also book taxis, add money to your phone and – as you will see here – buy cinema tickets. 

We’ll take you through the process of buying a ticket, but you will still need some grasp of Chinese (or a good memory for movie posters) to know which movies you want to see.


Step-by-step guide

1. Open WeChat.

2. Press the “Me” button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “Wallet” option.



3. You will then be taken to the main Wallet menu. Look for the “Movie Tickets” option at the bottom – you may need to scroll down if you’re using an iPhone 4 or other smaller-screened phone.



4. You can now see movies that are currently showing, or coming soon, in your area. The location function (if you have it enabled in your phone’s settings) will allow WeChat to display your city’s name in the upper-left corner (point A in the image below). If you want to buy ticket in another city, tap that name to change to your desired city. You can also tap on the “Cinemas” button at the bottom of the page to see what movies are on show in each cinema. 

After your purchase, you can see your ticket or voucher by tapping the “Me” button. 

Please note that tickets or vouchers bought using WeChat app cannot be refunded, so make sure you know you can make it to the movie before you spend your money. 


A: Beijing

B: What’s on

C: Coming soon

D: Buy ticket

E: Movies

F: Cinemas

G: Me


5. Choose the movie you want to watch and tap on the “Buy ticket” button on the right. You will see a list of cinemas showing this movie, as per the picture below. You can either choose “Buy ticket and book seats now,” or “Buy voucher” and redeem it later in the cinema. Be aware that some cinemas do not offer the voucher option. 

Once you have decided which movie you are going to watch and how many tickets you want to buy, it is probably best to buy the ticket outright rather get a voucher, as the ticket will be cheaper and you can guarantee a good seat – particularly useful if you want to get the perfect cinema experience, or just don’t want to end up with your face pushed up against the screen. 

If you buy a voucher and want to watch a particularly popular movie, the cinema may ask you to pay extra money, usually 5-15 yuan. Additionally, most cinemas will not accept vouchers on festival days and holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. However, vouchers do have a flexible time range - usually 30 days, though this may differ according to the cinema. 


A: Beijing

B: Buy ticket and book seat

C: Buy voucher

D: Distance (places the cinemas in order from closest to farthest away)


6. Decide which cinema you want to go and tap it. You are now looking at the schedule of the movie you want to see. as well as the price of the ticket. Tap on the screening time that you want. 


A: Name of the cinema

B: Address of the cinema

C: Starting time

D: Estimated finishing time

E: Price 


7. Now you are looking at the seats map for the screening you selected. Choose the seat you want. The earlier you buy the tickets, the more seats are available. 


A: Done

B: Change to another screening time

C: Screen

D: Seats available

E: Seats you chose

F: Seats not available 


8. If you buy a voucher, there are usually two options: 2D or 3D, depending on the type of movie you want to watch.


A: Buy ticket and book seat

B: Buy voucher

C: Check future screening schedules

D: Voucher for 2D movie

E: Quantity

F: Voucher for 3D movie

G: Checkout


9. Now you proceed to payment. You need to type in your mobile number to get a redemption code for your movie ticket. When you arrive at the cinema, show the code to the staff in the ticket office and he or she will give you the ticket. In big cinemas there are also automatic machines that you can use to redeem your ticket. It is usually labeled as Weixin (or WeChat) Movie Ticket Machine (微信电影票). There may be other machines for other apps, so make sure you find the right one! Type in your mobile number and the redemption code, and the machine will print your ticket for you. 


A: Book another seat

B: Seat number

C: Mobile number: the code to redeem your ticket will be sent to this number

D: Amount to be paid

E: Check out


10. Pay through WeChat Wallet and you will get the redeem code. You can also find the ticket in the “Me” section (see the diagram in step 4), where all your tickets or vouchers can be found. 

Enjoy your movie! 


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