How can I delete my Alipay account?

Canceling your Alipay account shouldn’t be too troublesome, although it will have to meet certain conditions before the site will let you close the account.


Conditions for closing an Alipay account

In order to delete an Alipay account the following conditions must be met:

  1. The account must have been registered at least 30 days ago and must be successfully activated (the account does not have to be verified yet, however).
  2. There must be no money, coupons or hongbao in either your Alipay or – if you have activated one – your Yu’e bao asset management account.
  3. There must have been no transactions in the previous 90 days.
  4. The Alipay account cannot be linked to a Taobao or Alibaba account; if it is, you must unlink it from those sites.
  5. The account cannot have any withholding services, air and hotel booking payment services, or money management accounts activated. If any of these functions are active, the Alipay account cannot be deleted until they have been deactivated.
  6. The account must be a regular Alipay account. Alipay’s contracted business users can’t delete their accounts during the contracted period.
  7. No phone bills should have been paid via Alipay in the last three months. 
  8. Alipay must not be processing any major changes to your account, such as changing the attached password or cell phone number, both of which can take a little time to process.
  9. There cannot be any active disputes over transactions associated with the account.

If your account meets the conditions above, it will be available for deletion.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to Alipay website with your user account and password.

    For larger version, click image
    A. User name/Account name

    B. Password
    C. Log in


  2. Then the page will direct you to the Alipay service hall. Click Self Service and Delete My Account.

    For larger version, click image
    A. Alipay Service Hall
    B. Self Service
    C. Delete My Account


  3. Read the confirmation letter and click “Yes, continue” to start the deletion process.

    For larger version, click image
    A. “Yes, continue deleting the account.”


  4. At the account deletion page, you will see the below information. Click “Yes, I am informed” to continue the process.

    For larger version, click image
    A. “Delete the account”
    B. Your account name
    C. “You will lose the following benefit and right or assets if you delete your account…”
    D. “Your personal information, your account information and the Alipay user’s right.”
    E. “Your transaction history will be removed. Make sure all the transaction is settled and without any dispute.”
    F. “Yes, I am informed.”


  5. Check the reason why you delete your account and give a piece of advice. And then click Next step.

    For larger version, click image

    A. Reason for leaving Alipay
    B. “We are sorry that you are leaving Alipay. We would like to know what has compelled you to leave. We hope you will use Alipay again.”
    C. Please check the reason why you delete your account (could be multiple choices)
            •    Security/privacy concerns
            •    This is a redundant second account
            •    Having difficulty using Alipay
            •    Having payment problems
            •    Don’t need it anymore
            •    Too expensive to use
            •    Other reasons
    D. Additional comments
    E. Next step


  6. Put in the information as required as the following page

    A. Your account name
    B. Your real name
    C. Your payment password
    D. Your cell phone number
    E. Verification code
    F. “The code has been sent to your mobile. Please type the code in within 30 minutes.”
    G. Confirm deletion.


  7. You will see the following notice. Alipay will take 48 hours to approve or deny your application.

    A. “You have successfully submitted the deleting application. Alipay will take 48 hours to approve or deny your application. The result will be given to you by text message or email. During this step, you will not be able to access your account. If you need to use Alipay in the future, you can re-register.” 


Useful Chinese words and phrases 

注销账户 zhùxiāo zhànghù Delete an account
支付宝 zhīfùbǎo Alipay


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  • I rec’d three messages I set up an Alipay account… I never did just have a verification code being sent to my phone.. How do I know for sure if someone used my phone number by mistake my email doesnt work with log in

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