How can I track my order’s delivery status in China?

Most major Chinese online shopping sites will give you a tracking number allowing you to follow your purchase’s progress from store to door. 

The exact process will vary depending on which express delivery company your order was sent with. However, many of these companies share a similar website interface, and it’s usually a simple case of knowing where to enter your tracking number. 


English-language example: EMS

1. Go to EMS’s official English website.



2. Enter your tracking number in the box that says “Shipment Number.” Click inside the  “Verification” box and enter the number that appears in the pop-up box below. Click “Track” and the site will display the progress of your order.


Chinese-language example: Shentong Express

1. Go to Shentong Express’s official website.



2. Enter your tracking number in the blank white box, then click the button titled “开始查询”  (which means “Track”).Your order’s progress will then be displayed.


Below are the URLs for a few of the more popular Chinese express delivery companies.

Best Express
China Post
Quanfeng Express
Rufengda Express
S.F. Express
Shentong Express
Tiantian Express
Yuantong Express
Yunda Express
ZJS Express
ZTO Express


Useful Chinese words and phrases  

快递公司 kuài dì gōng sī Express delivery company
包裹 bāo guǒ Parcel
查询 chá xún Track
订单 dìng dān Order
快递员 kuài dì yuán Courier






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