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How can I use group buying in WeChat Wallet?

WeChat doesn’t just let you talk to your friends for free – it also offers a number of other built-in features, including buying discounted services for groups though an in-built version of the Dazhong Dianping (大众点评) app, roughly similar to the Western Groupon website. Take some time to set up your WeChat wallet, then follow our steps to buy group vouchers and save money. 

Please note that while the front-end and set-up sections of WeChat Wallet are in English, most of the other functions – including group buying – are in Chinese. The article will take you through the process, but you will still need a reasonable grasp of Chinese to know exactly what you are buying. 


Step-by-step guide

1. Open WeChat.

2. Press the “Me” button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “Wallet” option. 



3. You will see the main Wallet options screen, as in the picture below. Press “Group buying”. 


A: Group buying


4. Below is the main interface of the group buying function in WeChat. If you have used the Dazhong Dianping app before, you will find the WeChat version is quite similar. The main page has “Food,” “Movie,” “Hotel,” “KTV,” “Travel” and “Beauty” categories. Swipe the page to the left, and you will find more: “Desserts,” “Family services” (child photography, play centers, post-partum centers etc), “Romantic dates” (particularly restaurant and cafe dates) and so on. Tap the category you want to explore.

Your phone’s location function (if you have it turned on) will automatically show group-buying options in your area. If you want to buy vouchers in another city, press the location selector (the text saying “Beijing” in the picture below, with a downward-pointing arrow next to it), and change it to the city you want.

After your purchase, you will be able to see your voucher in “My group buying”; you can then use this to review and rate your experience, for the benefit of other users.


A: “Beijing” (location button)

B: “My group buying”

C: Food

D: Movie

E: Hotel

F: Travel

G: Beauty

H: Coupon

I: All

J: “Selected for you”

K: “The most popular group options nearby”

L: “Updated today”


5. Let’s take the “Food” category as an example. Now you are looking at the group buying options for restaurants and eateries nearby. The location function will sort the options in order from nearest to farthest. Some options offer a set meal combo; you can tap them to take a look at the details. Some offer cash coupons (代金券), which means you can buy a 100 yuan cash coupon for a cheaper price.

Certain group-buying options are so popular that the app will ask you to book a seat before buying it, usually one day before you go to the restaurant. You may see a blue label on the venue’s image, as in the picture below; it says “no reservation required” (免预约), which means the restaurant can accept customers whenever they drop in.


A: Name of the restaurant

B: Distance

C: Quantity of vouchers sold

D: “No reservation required”


6. Tap the offer you want to buy; you will now be taken to the individual voucher; you can see what the voucher offers, whether it is refundable, and the address of the restaurant.

By tapping on the orange telephone sign at the side of the restaurant information, you can call the restaurant and make a reservation, if needed.

Usually a voucher will have an expiration date. The voucher is only effective before this date, though most of the vouchers bought through the app are refundable even after the expiration date. However, do check to see if the voucher indicates a refund policy, as some special deals are non-refundable.

Additionally, some vouchers cannot be used during holidays such as New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day etc; restrictions such as these can be read if you scroll down.

Finally, some vouchers work for a certain time period in a day, like a breakfast menu or a lunch deal. Customers can check this information by scrolling down.


A: “Buy now”

B: “Refundable at any time”

C: “Refundable after due date”

D: “No reservation required”

E: Address of the restaurant 


7. Tap the “Buy now” button to proceed to the payment phase below; this will let you confirm your purchases and quantity before you pay through WeChat Wallet.


A: Name of the restaurant

B: “Price”

C: “Quantity”

D: “Total”

E: “Amount to pay”

F: “Pay via WeChat Wallet now”


8. After the payment is complete you will be given a code; you can later find it in the “My group buying” section, or add it to your Passbook if you use an iPhone. When you go to redeem your purchase, show the code to the staff and they will take care of the rest. 


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