How do I find information about events and things to do in Beijing?

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When you’re new to a city, it’s good to know where to look for fun things to do. Here are a few useful resources for people living in Beijing. For a list of resources in other major Chinese cities see this article



In Beijing, at least, the most reliable sources of plentiful and high quality event listings remain the local English magazines, websites and blogs (and their WeChat brand accounts). 

So far, nobody has really succeeded in delivering the same quality of information via an app. However, most of the major English-language listings have their own WeChat brand accounts, and send out roundups of recommended events on a weekly basis (some more regularly). At present, these are the most mobile-friendly sources of event information, though each roundup will only list a maximum of five or six events.

To find these, download WeChat for Android or iPhone, then under the “Contacts” tab, enter “Subscription Accounts” and search for the following WeChat IDs:

  • CityWeekend_Beijing
  • That’s_Beijing
  • theBeijinger
  • TimeOutBeijingEN


Listings magazines and websites

The major expat listings magazines and their websites contain the broadest range of events coverage, from bars and clubs to live music, film screenings, food events, art exhibitions, classes, sports, theater, classical music and more. You can pick up the magazines in most expat-friendly locations, including bars, hotels, cafes and restaurants, though the ones that are more in-demand may disappear fast.

City Weekend

The Beijinger

That’s Beijing

Time Out Beijing


Website-only listings

Beijing Cream

Smart Beijing


Food and drink blogs

Beijing Boyce is a long-running website dedicated to the city’s bar and drinking scene. 

Lum Dim Sum is a food blog that also features health and fitness events, and charity events.


Live music blogs

Beijing Daze

China Music Radar


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