How do I use enjoys huge popularity because of the excellent discounts it offers on books (including many English books), although its range includes clothes, furniture, electronics and much more. Here’s how to use it.


Step-by-step guide

As with most e-commerce sites, using Dangdang starts when you register an account. So that’s where we’ll begin.

1. Visit and click the “免费注册” button (see the diagram below) to register a free account.

Click image to see bigger version.


2. Use your email or mobile phone number to register. Use the diagram below as a guide to completing the form.


Click image to see bigger version.


3. Click the button highlighted below to log in and start shopping!


Click image to see bigger version.


4. Enter key words to search for the item you want in the search bar. Obviously, searching in Chinese will get you more precise results, but try English if you don’t know the Chinese name for what you’re searching for. (Translation software can be an invaluable aid for using e-commerce sites.) Alternatively, browse the category section on the left of the page, as indicated below.4

Click image to see bigger version.


5. Click the “Search” button (as indicated in the diagram above) and you’ll see the list of search results. Click on whichever item interests you to find out more.


Click image to see bigger version.


6. Select the quantity of items you want to buy. Depending on what you’re buying, you might have options to choose different colors, sizes and other things. As you can see below, you can choose to add the item to your cart and continue shopping, click and buy immediately, or add the item to your “wish list” for a later purchase.6

Click image to see bigger version.


7. Now continue adding other items to the cart, or go to pay the order (see the annotated diagram below).


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About your shopping cart:

  1. The default quantity is 1. If you want to buy more, you can type in a new number or use the plus and minus signs to increase and decrease the amount.
  2. If you decide not to purchase, but want to keep the item for purchase later, you can transfer it from your cart to your wish list. If you simply decide you don’t want it now or later, just delete it from the cart.
  3. You can view discount information in your cart.
  4. Items in your cart will be saved there for up to 30 days without you logging in. If you remain logged in, items in your cart will remain there indefinitely.


8. Enter your detailed delivery address.


Click image to see bigger version.


9. Choose the delivery method and confirm.


Click image to see bigger version.


10. Choose your preferred payment method and confirm.


Click image to see bigger version.


11. Confirm your delivery information, delivery method, payment method and list of items purchased, as well as the total due payment. Click the green button “提交订单” to submit your order.


Click image to see bigger version.


12. You’ll receive a confirmation as seen below to indicate that your order has been submitted. Now all you have to do is wait for your package to arrive!


Click image to see bigger version.


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