How do I use domestic Chinese post?

We use it less and less these days, but there are times when only the mail will do. Here’s how to post a letter or package to an address within China.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Bring the items you want to send to the post office. Happily, you will not need to bring your passport or any other documents. Make sure that what you want to send is not on the banned list; there are some items on there that might be regarded as inoccuous in another country.
  2. Do not pack the items beforehand, as post office staff will insist on inspecting them all to verify that they are suitable for postage.
  3. Pack your items. You can buy envelopes and other packaging from the post office, or use your own box or bag. Obviously, take care to ensure that your package is durable enough to survive the journey intact.  
  4. Complete the envelope (first image below), or dispatch note (second image below). Be sure to add the recipient’s address, name, and zip/post code, along with a return address and name.




5. When you’ve completed the envelope or dispatch form, hand your package over the the post office staff. They will weigh your package – the postage price is calculated by weight. 

6. Pay and get your receipt. 

7. For domestic post, your package will take about five-to-seven days to arrive. 


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