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Taobao is the biggest beast in Chinese online shopping, but it’s by no means lacking in rivals for supremacy. One of those up-and-coming contenders is, which – conveniently for foreigners who have trouble getting a credit card or using online payments – currently accepts cash-on-delivery payments. Here’s a guide to using in Chinese; see the bottom of the article for information on the more limited English-language version.


Step-by-step guide might offer the convenience of cash-on-delivery, but inevitably, there’s the usual requirement of signing up for membership. Here’s how you get started.

1. Visit and click “免费注册” (register for free).


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2. Complete the form as indicated in the image below. You can opt to register using your mobile phone number or email. If you’re using your mobile number to register, make sure your phone has sufficient credit to receive text messages. After entering your email or mobile number, click on the grey button reading “获取短信验证码” to receive a confirmation code. The confirmation code should be sent to your mobile or email inbox within a minute or two, after which you’ll have one minute to enter the code in the box to the left of the grey button. 


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3. Search for the product you want to buy. Try the English name first, if you’re not sure of the Chinese name. If that fails, try using translation software to find the Chinese name, or enter the English name into a Chinese search engine like (which may bring up a Chinese name within the search results). Click on the product you want to buy and inspect the price and other details (refer to the image below for guidance). Choose the product you want to buy and add it to your cart.


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4. Check the order and click “去结算” (which essentially means “proceed to checkout”) to go ahead with your purchase.


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5. Check the delivery information, payment and delivery method and invoice information before you pay.


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6. Various payment methods are available. If you choose to pay online, follow this guide.


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7. Once your order is completed, you’ll see a screen like that below. All you have to do now is ensure your mobile remains in service (so that the delivery person can contact you) and wait for your order to arrive.


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English-language version

If all of that seems too difficult – you can also use in English! Well, to some extent. On JD’s registration page, there is an option for international users. It’s easy to register and use, but you have less choice than if you use the Chinese version. However, you can also use this service to have your order shipped to overseas countries, in many cases with free shipping.


Click image to see bigger version.


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