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How to report fire hazards in Beijing – and make money!

If a fire has broken out, you should dial 119. But what if there is no fire yet, just a horrible risk of one? If you live in Beijing then you can help save lives and make money by calling 96119 or using 掌上119, a dedicated warning app.


When you should dial 96119 or report via the app

  1. If there are no fire-fighting facilities (such as fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs, emergency lighting etc) installed in a building, or the existing facilities are damaged.
  2. If someone is carrying explosive or inflammable chemicals in crowded places.
  3. If someone is using or storing explosive or inflammable chemicals in densely populated areas.
  4. No safety exits or exit passageways in a building, or a shortage of them, or those exits and passageways are blocked.
  5. No automatic fire sprinklers or automatic fire alarms installed in public spaces and public underground venues such as hotels, entertainment venues, shops and malls.
  6. Underground spaces being used as people’s homes, when those spaces are equipped with liquefied gas or other explosive and/or combustible materials. This is especially important if fire, heat and electricity sources such as stoves, boilers, gas heaters or gas pipes are close to the combustibles.
  7. No installation of lightning rods on tall buildings, or lightning rods are damaged.
  8. No installation of static elimination devices in buildings or areas containing chemicals or volatile gases/vapors, or such devices are improperly installed.
  9. Insufficient water supply (eg a hose for large buildings) to extinguish fires.
  10. Combustible materials are being stored in the gaps designed to separate buildings. 


How to report

You can dial 96119, and give a detailed description of the fire hazard and its location. Give the operator your name, address, contact number as well.

You can also upload the picture of the hazard via Zhangshang 119 (掌上119), an app developed by the fire department, and available on iOS and Android phones in both Chinese and English.

The Beijing fire department will send experts to the scene within three days of receiving a report of a fire hazard, and within 24 hours if the hazard involves safety exits or exit passageways. 


Rewards for reports

The person who reported the hazard will receive feedback within five days and may receive a reward of between 200-5,000 yuan ($30-800).


Useful Chinese words and phrases 

火灾隐患 huǒzāi yǐnhuàn Fire hazards
消防设施 xiāofáng shèshī Fire facility
防火间距 fánghuǒ jiānjù Seperation distance
易燃 yì rán Inflammable, combustible
易爆 yì bào Explosive
消防通道 xiāofáng tōngdào Eixt passageway
紧急出口 jǐnjí chūkǒu  Emergency exit
自动灭火洒水器 zìdòng mièhuǒ sǎshuǐ qì Automatic fire sprinkler
自动火灾报警器 zìdòng huǒzāi bàojǐng qì Automatic fire alarm
避雷针 bìléi zhēn  Lightning rod
静电消除装置 jìngdiàn xiāochú zhuāngzhì Statics elimination device


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