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How to transfer money face-to-face through WeChat Wallet

Among the many functions of WeChat, the international version of Chinese messaging app Weixin, the WeChat Wallet may be one of the most useful. Once set up, the Wallet allows users to purchase group buying coupons, book taxis, buy movie tickets and – as you will see here – send money to other WeChat Wallet users.

There are two options – one that allows for money to be transferred from your bank card or WeChat Wallet Balance to any WeChat Wallet user on your contacts list and one that allows it to be transferred to a WeChat user that is physically nearby. This article focuses on the latter; for the former, visit this page.

However, note that the transfer function only allows users to transfer money into their friend’s WeChat Wallet Balance, not directly into their bank account, although the recipient can pay it into their account once they’ve received it.

Before we begin, make sure you have set up your WeChat Wallet with a debit card.


Step-by-step guide

1.First, both you and your friend should open up WeChat. The person who is going to receive the money should follow steps two to five. The payer should jump to step six.

2.The recipient should press the “Me” button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “Wallet” option. 



3.The recipient will see the main Wallet options screen, as in the picture below. They should press “Transfer” at the top left. 



4.A menu will pop out from the bottom with two options: “Transfer to Friend” or “Receive In-Person”. The recipient should then press “Receive In-Person”.



5.Tap on “Receive In-Person”; a QR code will appear for the person giving the money to scan. The receiver can input the amount of money they wish to receive by tapping the top-right corner of the screen, or the giver can input it a little later on their own phone. 



6.The payer, meanwhile, should go to the “Discover” section of WeChat and tap the “Scan QR Code” option underneath “Moments”. Usually, this is used to add a new contact to WeChat, but if you scan the special Wallet QR code (note the orange transfer symbol in the middle of the screen) on the recipient’s screen, it will set up an automatic payment link.



7.A new screen will appear, with the receiver’s avatar, WeChat account name and part of their real name at the top. If it hasn’t already been inputted by the receiver, the payer can type in the amount to be paid. Note that the “Free” that appears in the “Amount” section before the payer types in a sum merely indicates that no commission will be charged for the transaction. Once you’ve confirmed the details, press the green button to continue.



8.The next screen may be the pass code screen seen in step nine; if not, it will be the one below; choose which payment option you want – your existing linked cards, your Wallet Balance or a new card. Note that transfers cannot be made through credit cards – only debit cards can be used.



9.After you select a payment method, WeChat will ask for your pass code. If the app jumped straight to this screen and you want to change your payment system, tap the green “Change” text and you will go to the screen seen in step eight.



10.Once the pass code has been inputted, the app should automatically transfer the money straight to the receiver’s WeChat Wallet – there will not be a confirmation process. It’s all done!



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