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How to transfer money to your WeChat Wallet contacts

Many people use social networking app WeChat and its original Chinese version, Weixin, to keep in touch with friends, but if you sign up to its Wallet section you can also buy group discount coupons, book taxis, buy movie tickets and more. Another function is the ability to transfer money long-distance from your bank card or WeChat Wallet Balance to a friend’s account, even if the recipient is miles away. 

Users can also transfer money to friends who are right there with them by scanning a QR code on their friend’s phone – for more information on that method, read this article.

Note that this function only allows users to transfer money into their friend’s WeChat Wallet Balance, not directly into their bank account, although the recipient can pay it into their account once they’ve received it.

Before we begin, make sure you have set up your WeChat Wallet with a debit card.


Step-by-step guide

1. Open WeChat.

2. Press the “Me” button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “Wallet” option. 



3. You will see the main Wallet options screen, as in the picture below. Press “Transfer” at the top left. 



4. A menu should pop up from the bottom with two options; “Transfer to a Friend” lets you move the money to anyone in your WeChat contacts book; “Receive In-Person” lets you do the same to someone who’s there with you. For this article we’ll focus on the first option. 



5. Tapping the first option will take you to your address book, with those you have talked to most recently placed towards the top (in the future the names at the top will be those you have sent money to recently). Tap the name of the person you want to send to, or tap “Open Contacts” to select someone else from your address book – remember that this other person will need to have set up their WeChat Wallet too.  



6. On selecting a contact, you will be asked to input the amount to be transferred. One account can transfer no more than 20,000 yuan per day through this function. Note that the “Free” text in the type-in field means that WeChat will not charge a fee for transferring the money.



7. You should now be asked to select a payment method; one of the debit cards you have attached to the app, your WeChat Balance (if you have money in there) or a new card. WeChat may assume you want to use your existing card, in which you may not see this screen, and skip straight to the screen on step eight.



8.Once you have a payment method selected, you will be asked to enter the six-digit WeChat pass code that you created when setting up your Wallet. If you want to change your payment method, tap the green ‘Change’ text and you will be taken to the screen from step seven.



9. Once you’ve entered your pass code there will be a short pause before the confirmation message below appears. The recipient must confirm the transfer before the money is moved across to their account; if they do not confirm within 24 hours, the transferred money will be sent back. 



10. The receiver should get a WeChat message notifying them of the money transfer right away. The message is automatically sent on behalf of the payer, to remind the receiver to confirm the transfer. He/she can click on the message to confirm the payment. 



11. If they do, they will see something like the page below. They must press the green button to confirm; the money will then be transferred into their WeChat balance. Otherwise, they can tap the small blue “Reject Now” text at the bottom to cancel the transfer.



12. Once it is accepted a second automatic WeChat message will be sent, this time from the payee to the payer, saying that the transfer is completed.



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14 Responses to How to transfer money to your WeChat Wallet contacts

  • Hey guys.
    Can i transfer money from my wechat wallet to another bank card directly which is not connected to my wallet ?

  • Do you need to pay for a remittance fee upon receiving money when you are in another country?

  • This is so weired. I have the money in my wechat, transferred to me from a friend.

    I need to transfer the money to another friend, but apparently i have an older version of Wechat. We i click “me”, i can not see the “wallet” function.

    I have changed the language to Chinese, then back to English as indicated by the wechat. But nothing happened.

    I still can not see the “wallet” function

    Can Wechat staff helping me sorting this? As now the money is stucked in my wechat

  • I have money in my wallet but I don’t have Chinese bank account, how can I withdrawn the money from the wallet, thanks …

    • Hi Winwin. We’re sorry to say that you need to have a Chinese bank account to withdraw money from WeChat Wallet. Sorry!

  • Why I cannot transfer or withdraw my money on my wechat wallet? It always says “account auto protection enabled for your compromised account. To disable go to Wechat Payment Official Account” :(( Please help, i still have money on my wallet.. Thank you

  • Hey, first of all, great website with lots of helpful tips.
    My question is on the new interface of wechat wallet, I can’t seem to make a transfer “Receive In-Person” QR code, any ideas of how I make one so that people can send me some money?

    • Hi Adam. We’re not sure which version of WeChat you are using. This works on our Xiaomi version, but if you have another phone brand you might need to do something slightly different. If this doesn’t work, let us know what type of phone you have and we’ll investigate.. 

      Go to the main page of WeChat and tap the “Me” icon. Tap the + on the right-hand side of the top and you will see a drop-down menu. Check Receive Money and the “Receive In-Person” QR code will appear. You can set the amount you want to receive on this page as well. Your friend can then scan the code to send you the money.

      Hope this helps!

  • I have the same question. How do I transfer my wechat wallet money to a non Chinese bank account.

    • Hi Jun Jun. As far as we’re aware it is not possible to transfer money from your WeChat Wallet to a non-Chinese bank account. You can connect Mastercard and Visa cards to your Wallet, but this is only for credit cards.

      • I do not live in China. Can any kind of credit card work? Then you can receive money using the credit card?

  • Hey.. awesome website.. although I would like to learn how to transfer money from my wallet to my bank card… thanks

    • If you want to move money out of your Wallet Balance and into your bank account you should go to the main Wallet screen, tap the Wallet icon in the top-right corner, then tap your WeChat Balance (it should be the green box at the top of the screen). You’ll then have an option to top it up from one of your connected cards or withdraw it. Tap Withdraw and you can transfer the money to whichever debit cards you have attached to your account.

      • So one can only withdraw to debit cards (Chinese banks) right? Credit cards are strictly used only for transferring money into your wallet?

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