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I want to invite a family member to China on an S or Q Visa – what should I put in the invitation letter?

If you are inviting a family member to come and visit you on the Chinese mainland using a Q or S visa, you will need to prepare two separate invitation letters – one for your family member and one for the embassy – that they must then take when applying for their visa. If your family member is coming on a regular Tourist Visa, or L Visa, then no invitation letter is required.

If you are inviting multiple family members then you only need write the family letter to one person, but mention that you are also inviting the other family members too, and remember to give everyone’s details in the embassy letter. The proof of their financial support is required for a first-time China visa; the required amount is $100 for each day that the person will stay, and proof should take the form of a bank statement (or statements) covering the past six months.

You will find below boilerplate templates for both kinds of invitation letter to China.


Invitation letter for your family member(s)

(Your name)
(Your home address)

Dear (Father/Mother/Brother/Sister etc),
This letter is an invitation to come to China to see me, together with (any family member also coming to China) in order to (live with/visit) me for (time period) at my home, (your address). To confirm the dates, you should come to China on (date) and return to (your home country) on (date).
As agreed, (I/you) will pay all the fees for your living and traveling in China, and the plane tickets for coming to China and returning to (their home country).

(NOTE: You may wish to include something like: “During your stay in China, we will visit (intended destinations). You will see how the people in China live and a little about my day-to-day living in China.” – or something similar that gives an indication of what you expect to do once they arrive in the country.)
I believe that you will enjoy traveling in China and I look forward to being able to spend time with you (and any family member coming along).
Your (son/daughter/brother/sister etc)
(Your name)


Invitation letter for the embassy

(Your name)
(Your home address)
(Tel, email and fax, where applicable)
To whom it may concern:
I am writing this letter to invite (my parents/brother/sister etc) (names of invitees) to visit me this coming (date) for a period of (insert months, days etc). 

I will collect them at (give name of airport/dock/border) and can confirm that they will stay (at Hotel X/at rented accommodation/with me at the address given above – if not staying with you, remember to give the address of their accommodation). My plan is to (let them see my life here/take them to visit the following destinations, etc) during their stay in China and then send them back to (their home country) on (date).
(I/They) will cover all their expenses during their visit in China, including flight tickets, local transportation, accommodations, medical insurance/care and all other related expenses. Please find enclosed documents proving that (I/they) can provide financial support during their time in China.
Your favorable consideration regarding their visa application(s) will be highly appreciated. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please kindly contact me at the address and contact details above.
Yours respectfully,
(Your name)



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