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My business needs to invite someone to China on an M Visa – what should I put in the invitation letter?

Businesses based on the Chinese mainland are able to invite business guests into China on M Visas, or “Business Visas”, in order for that person to conduct trade and commercial activities on the Chinese mainland. To do so, they must send an invitation letter (yāoqǐng hán, 邀请函), written in English, to their invitees; these people will then provide this to their embassy or consulate when applying for the visa.

Note that these businesses must be fully registered, with an official company stamp (or “chop”) in order to be recognized by the authorities.

Below is a boilerplate or template business invitation letter.


(Name of company)

(Address of company)

Invitation Letter


To whom it may concern,

Our company would like to invite (name of invitee) to China in order to engage in business. (Name of invitee) is a very important (nature of relationship with inviter) from (invitee’s country) and it is necessary for us to have (business dealings/meetings/name any other relevant interactions) together within China with regards to (relevant business to be conducted in China). Consequently, we hereby invite them to come to China. Their details follow:

Full Name:


Passport No:


(He/she) will be in China on business from (start date) to (end date). We would appreciate it if the necessary visa could be granted. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


Best regards,

(Name of inviter)

(Their position/job title)

(Company name)


(Company stamp)



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