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Suning is one of the largest privately owned enterprises in China, with more than 1,600 chain stores covering over 700 cities in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Japan. The company, which employs 180,000 people, pulls in $37.7 billion in sales annually. Its e-commerce platform,, ranks among China’s top three B2C companies, covering almost all the categories of products, though it started as a home appliance provider.


Registering on the website

1. Visit Suning’s website and click 免费注册 (sign up for free).

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2. Register an account. Choose a username and password. If you have a Suning membership card, you can use it to skip the registration process.  

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3. You should now be registered successfully. You may need to log in to your email account and use the activation email before you can start shopping. You can also activate more services, such as linking your mobile number to your account so you can track orders, or record the barcode serial number to the far right for in-store discounts.

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Logging in and shopping

4. If you want to shop in the future, return to the website and click 请登录 (please login).

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5. Search for item by brand, model name or keyword. 

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6. Click the orange button, 加入购物车 (Add to cart)


7. Items you choose can be found in the cart, where you can see the price, quantity and total payment due.

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8. After clicking 去结算 (pay now), you will see the order page. You could opt for either in-store pickup or home delivery. If you choose home delivery, and it’s your first time making a purchase on, click 添加新地址 (add new address). Enter your name, mobile phone number and address.  If you’ve shopped on before, the system will automatically have saved your previous delivery address.


9. If you choose in-store pickup, enter the store location, your name and mobile number.  


10. Change delivery and appliance installment times to fit around your schedule.


11. Check and confirm your invoice information.



12. After clicking 确认 (confirm in the order page), the system will direct you to the payment page. Choose your method of payment.


13. You’re done! Expect a call just ahead of delivery. 



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2 Responses to Shopping on

  • Do Suning or JD send phones to Croatia?

    • Hi Filip. Suning and JD didn’t provide shipping services for overseas orders yet. You could try  Aliexpress, which offers an overseas shipping service, but you should talk to the seller about whether they will ship goods to your country before you pay.

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