Using WeChat Wallet’s Quick Pay function in Chinese stores

The social networking app WeChat (and its Chinese version Weixin) can be used to send messages, but it can also be used to book a taxi, buy cinema tickets and – as you’ll see below – buy goods from physical stores in China, just like cash or a credit card. If you want to use this super-handy function, just set up your WeChat wallet then follow the guide below. 


Account security

When you use WeChat Wallet’s Quick Pay function, the app creates both a regular bar code and a QR code; these act as temporary passwords to allow shops access to your Wallet. All you need to do is visit a participating store (see the bottom of the article for a list) and let the cashier scan the barcodes to complete the payment. 

The bar codes will only be effective for 60 seconds; if the payment is not completed in 60 seconds, the app will change it to another one automatically, in order to avoid someone taking the code and fraudulently spending the user’s money. 

Well, that’s for payments under 1,000 yuan, at least – for payments over 1,000 yuan, the app will also ask the user to type in their WeChat Wallet password for each transaction. The system will also deny suspicious transactions, such as payment requests from unrecognized businesses. 

Additionally, both WeChat and its Wallet functions can only be used on one device at a time, meaning that if a user logs into WeChat from another device they will be immediately logged out of the original. 

Currently, only a handful of businesses accept Quick Pay. Most of them are convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and small restaurants. 


Step-by-step guide

1. While the cashier is scanning your items into the till, open up WeChat and press the “Me” button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “Wallet” option. 



2. You will see the main Wallet options screen, as in the picture below. Press “Quick Pay”. 



3. A QR code and a regular barcode will appear on screen. Show the cashier the codes, and let him/her scan it. If the amount you need to pay is below 1,000 yuan, payment will be done right away. If the amount exceeds 1,000 yuan, the app will ask for your password. Type in your password, and payment should be complete. 


A: “This page will renew every minute.”

B: The payment method you chose will be shown here; press the blue characters to change.


4. Currently, only the businesses shown in pictures below accept Quick Pay.


A: “You can use Quick Pay in the following businesses.”

B: OK (convenience store)

C: Mannings (sells personal care and baby products)

D: 7-Eleven (convenience store)

E: Dairy Queen (sells ice cream and desserts) 

F: Guoda (pharmacy)

G: Rainbow/Tianhong (department store)

H: One Plus One/Yi Jia Yi (supermarket)

I: Lotus /Bufeng Lianhua (supermarket)

J: Haolinju convenience store (sell groceries)

K: Aiyingshi store (sell baby products)

L: Minsun/Minsheng (department store) 

M: Guoda 36524 (convenience store) 

N: Laiyifen store (sells snacks)

O: Xishiduo (convenience store) 

P: Septwolves/Qipilang (menswear)

Q: Laobaixing (pharmacy)

R: Xing/Xinxing (pharmacy)

S: Simcare/Xiansheng Zaikang (pharmacy)

T: Xishaoye (sells marinated meats in baked buns) 


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