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What items should I avoid bringing to China?

Photo by Sachi Gahan
Many of the following items listed as banned under Chinese government regulations are generally prohibited wherever you travel, but several are specific to China (note section three in particular). And, as ever, don’t carry packages for other people. That’s just stupid.
  1. Weapons, simulation weapons, and explosives.
  2. Counterfeit notes and bonds
  3. Print materials, films, CDs, photography, video, audio material and other media containing harmful information toward the politics, economy, culture and morality of China. 
  4. Poison. 
  5. Narcotics, psychiatric drugs, morphine, heroin, marijuana, and other addictive drugs.
  6. Animals, plants and other products containing dangerous viruses or pests. 
  7. Infectious food, drugs and other materials from epidemic areas that are harmful to humans and animals. 


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